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Aroma & Flavor

Berry Bloom is a sweet and comforting TEA Tonic that is bursting with summertime smoothness and excitement! Berry Bloom is filled with Buchu, an aromatic plant native to South Africa, it is known for its traditional healing properties as a diuretic and to be healing for urinary tract issues. It is fragrant and has a power pack of a natural black currant. We have blended buchu leaf with blueberry, chokeberry, goji berry and hibiscus for a flavorful berry packed delight!

Proprietary Blend

*Organic- Non GMO (Caffeine Free)
 Contains : Apple, Blackberry, Blackberry Leaves, Goji, Hibiscus, black current, Buchu leaf, chokeberry. CAFFINE FREE, GMO FREE, DAIRY FREE, Gluten Free, Sugar Free,

Steeping Instructions

  • STEEP TIME 3-5 Minutes
  • SERVING SIZE 1 Sachet/8 Oz

Once steeped, the fragrant black currant blend infuses a maroon-pink tea liquor with a sweet-tart aroma, at first sip you will adore the delicious balance of sweet ripe blueberry, with sharp blackcurrant taste . Add your favorite sweetener or savor the flavor in its traditional state.


Digestive Health, Immunity Booster, Promotes Weight Loss


8 oz.

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